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    Site Search function


    I've have a site search feature (to search for articles within my website) on my website which does not work. Can anyone tell me what i need to do or use in order for this search function to work?

    many thanks

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    First thing you might want to do is provide readers of this forum with your website address.
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    The website is offline at the moment, so that would not be any help.

    but thanks

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    Without knowing the script, the set-up, the server, or the error messages, it seems likely it may be difficult to provide a solution. Sorry.


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    i'm thinking you mean you haven't designed a back-end yet.

    well i would use a database listing each article, and a number of associated keywords. then the search function can look for those articles

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    You could have the search function search each article for words associated with the search terms. More difficult to setup than keyword association.

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    thanks for the suggestions. I didnt design the website (the designer is off travelling now); i think the site search tool was added for appearance with no means of making it actually work.

    Is google site search any good?

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    Google's site search will only search files on your website that Google has in their index, that's the only downfall. So if you add a new article, and have a low-volume website, it could take a bit of time before it actually shows up in the results.

    Your best option would be to either add the articles into a databae and putting fulltext indexes on the actual article content, or by using a third-party PHP program that will either (a) crawl your website and build a "database" of files, or (b) adding meta keyword tags and using a PHP search script that only looks for the tags you've setup.

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