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Thread: Go Dedicated?

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    Go Dedicated?

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently hosting 30GB quota 60GB bandwidth measured through cpanel (or 120 through mrtg) on my own colocated server. The plans I offer to my resellers are of 1,2,..8GB quota.
    Since the bandwidth prices in the country where I live are way too expensive I plan to move to the US.

    1. Do you suggest a dedicated server?
    1.1 What would be enough for me: Intel Celeron™ 2.4 GHz 1 GB RAM? Intel Pentium™ 4 3.0 GHz 1 GB Dual Channel DDR400? or something more advanced?
    (I don't host any resource intensive apps).


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    With your current storage/bandwidth usage you should do fine with a Celeron, but if you plan to grow and to host users with dynamic content I think you should go for the P4 platform.
    -Mr Bister

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    My personal feelings are that Celeron's shouldn't be used in a hosting environment - there's nothing technically wrong with them in that capacity, just I don't think that they can really provide adequate performance in situations of heavy use (due to a DoS attack or some other event), the machine would more than likely fall over.
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    The second question is 'Go VPS', so far I have only found the VPS II of liquidweb plan to fit my needs. Do you you have in mind any others?


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    For your hosting, any server larger than what you are currently using should suit your needs. But if you are planning on scaling up your system, a Pentium4 or equivalent AMD machine with plenty of RAM is suggested.

    With VPS, there are a lot of options out just have to look until you find what you need.
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    There is nothing what-so-ever wrong with a celeron..
    I have a celeron that was DoSed a while back and i gotta say it held its own, didn't crash once.
    But yes, as mrbister said, they're not that great for heavy dynamic content such as lots of MySQl or php sites.

    Good luck

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    These are the specs of liquidweb VPS II:

    » Powerful Virtuozzo VPS
    » AMD Dual Opteron Server
    » 512MB RAM Guaranteed
    » 40 Gigabytes Storage
    » 350 GB's Transfer
    » 2048MB RAM Burstable

    I will be sharing the server with 7 more people.
    How far do you think can they take me, having in mind the reputation of liquidweb?
    Will my server be slow?

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