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    I've been searching through the archives for reviews on both LayeredTech and DomainGurus. I'm looking for a new provider, moving from ServerBeach (they are great but a bit over priced for my needs).

    From the LayeredTech specials, the plans that fit my needs best, are the LT-AMD-XP-2400-SEP22 and LT-AMD-XP-2800-SEP22 (this one is better as it provides certainly more for just 10$ bucks increase in monthly fee).

    A friend recommended his current provider, DomainGurus, which is $120 setup + $60 monthly for 160GB HD, 1GB RAM, 2.8GHz Intel Celeron D 64. It says 'unlimited traffic' but It's capped at 10mbps (3200GB monthly, not sure if this is really the "mark")

    $120 setup means approx. $70 monthly (120/12=10+monthly fee=70), which is what I would pay at LayeredTech for 'immediate use'. In other words, paying 120 bucks, it's like paying 70 monthly for a whole year or certainly more if I don't stay with them for 12 months. That's basically 'the hidden thing'.

    Taking the LayeredTech offer means 70$ every month, even if I just pay for 3 months and then move. If move from DomainGurus in 3 months, I would have paid around 100 bucks monthly.

    I'm running a free upload service (AJAX-based) like, and some other sites, so bandwidth isn't an issue really at 1500-2000GB monthly and CPU/memory requirements aren't huge (the other sites may be static or at most, some Python/PHP).

    I would appreciate a lot any suggestions and comments. Of course, only hype-free reviews.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don´t go with them, they have the worst support ever, also their 5000 sites pack is a complete lie I have to remove my services from them, because a 2 hours "service interruption"...
    and a huge number of support tickets due to service "micro cuts", the only thing their
    support know is to answer allways by control panel "please wait if the error persist,
    if persist please update the case".

    I would reccomend Softlayer, they have great support, very complete control panel with a lot of useful server managment utilities, they don´t charge setup and it will be a well spend money

    good luck

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    Layeredtech are a great company to deal with, if you'd like to pay at $160+ go with softlayer for a better network and better support.

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    I have a dedi with domaingurus for over a year and have no problem with support at all.
    Web server reboot within 15 min, dynamic usage stats, great account management panel.
    Responded to all my tickets very fast, sometimes within minutes.
    Connectivity for the money on my $59/month P4 3G HT 1Gig RAM
    3200gigs/month is just fine, ping under 50 from 1400 miles away.
    That is why i am with them for over a year already.

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