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    * Reccomend a reliable host using DirectAdmin control panel


    Can you please recommend a reliable host (excellent uptime and fast, helpful support) providing the DirectAdmin control panel?

    I have just used a demo of DirectAdmin and find it very simple, easy to use, and powerful.


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    There are quite a few -- what type of space / bw / budget are you looking at?

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    Hi thanks.

    up to $15/mo
    min. 10GB b/w
    min. 500MB space
    include free subdomains, more than 3
    fast/helpful support, uptime>99,8%
    no hidden/extra fees

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    Thanks RossH. I had a look on their site.

    Never heard of them, and also could not find any feedback on the net about them.

    But will keep them in mind and hope I ll find some user reviews or stats...

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    I have been using for almost a year with no major issues. They have a sale right now:

    "From Monday 9/18 till Halloween (10/31) - all new orders/packages (during that time) will be DOUBLED. That's TWICE the posted quotas for that package. Prior sales are excluded." - nothing on the main page.

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    I've had good luck with and have about a month with My experience with 8-95 was good, although they are marketing themselves towards users who know what they're doing, and don't pretend to have luxurious, wash-your-car-for you support. Hostpc has been good so far, and was recommended by many users on WHT.

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    btw, have you tried cpanel?
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Thanks all. I checked HostPC and they look good, although they told me they wouldn't offer much help beyond the basics, e.g. installing a script, help with a database etc...

    domainwala: Yes I have tried cPanel. Its not bad, but I find DA panel much more simple and clean, without though be able to compare their features...

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