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    Question Windows VPS for .Net Application Hosting

    I've been looking around different hosts for a cheap vps solution to host my .Net applications (server based). I honestly don't require alot of hard drive space nor bandwidth which most products provide. Any idea which VPS company would be able to fill the following requirements?

    Looking for:

    2-3GB HD space
    40GB Bandwidth
    MSSQL Support
    .Net Support

    UK/Europe based if possible.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could contact It lookes like their Windows VPS 200W or 300W plans should fit your needs.

    Note: I see that your bandwidth/HD space needs are small but .Net and SQL server can quickly consume a lot of memory and as far as I know, Windows VPS can't burst RAM like a linux VPS (someone correct me if that's wrong).

    A positive side of EuroVPS for the .Net developer: They are one of the few and far between Windows VPS providers that actually offers SQL Server on separate servers from the VPS itself.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks for your reply TCP/IP Warrior.

    I did have a look at them but the price seems a little too high for what im looking for. I don't plan on running alot of MSSQL databases at all.. nor do I plan on running applications that will require alot of system resources.

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    I finally went with Support is TOP NOTCH!!!

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    Correct url

    Quote Originally Posted by Sniperumm
    I finally went with Support is TOP NOTCH!!!
    What is the actual URL? I'm unable to find any VPS provider by visiting

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    Yeh sorry

    Its based in the US but the support is great and the server works fine.. and its not too expensive

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