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    Extra Server Available @ EV1 DC2

    We have just upgraded a customer to a larger system and have an EV1 Value series box available for immediate use. It is currently running RHE3, latest 2.4 kernel. Server Specs:

    1.3 Ghz Celeron
    512 GB RAM
    200 GB Drive
    1500 GB Bandwidth per month.

    This is a full managed server and we will offer it up for $179 per month with free setup. (Just need to change the HostName)

    This offer is only good today (October 3rd). If no one wants it we will be pulling the plug on it this evening.

    contact us at [email protected] if you are interested.
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    I have an extra colocation server available at CIhost. Another server can also be available (I just need to move over my data).

    Dell/Intel PIII 1.26G CPU
    dual power-supply
    dual SCSI 10KRPM HD 18GB - Raid-1
    8 IPs from

    I use a console server to manage all my servers there and can remotely powercycle or re-install any Fedora linux version.

    you can do bandwidth test by (10MB file).

    I'll consider any offer above $50/month based on bandwidth requirement.

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