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    HostPR The Digg for hosting offers

    With, Ipwalk has created a Digg for hosting-related offers. We would like to invite everyone to join in and start using the site.

    Just like with Digg, anyone can submit news of offers or campaigns for free. People will be able to vote on the offers they like the most, which will push the most popular entries to the top.

    In the future we also plan to add the possibility to submit screenshots to accompany the offers, as well as a wider focus on hosting news in general. Initially, however, our goal is to make this site interesting to people looking for the best hosting deals.

    Rise to the top. Go vote and submit offers at!

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    Very clever idea. Good luck with your new site!

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    Thank you! We believe that this will be a very cool and useful site, but of course we need everyone's help with posting and voting to make it a success.

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    Good idea, I am gonna go to vote there :-)

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