1 more month before our 3rd year in operation and we are launching this free upgrading scheme for all new subscribers!
This promotion is for a Unmeter Cobalt RaQ Server

Details of Original Sale as follows :
Sale Advertising Poster
- 20GB Harddisk ( 13GB Usable )
- 256mb RAM
- Unmetered Bandwidth
- OS : Original Cobalt RaQ4
Base Price : $35/mth (1IP)

Upgrades :
Upgrade to :- CentOS4 w/BlueQuartz (FREE)
Upgrade to :- CentOS4 w/Directadmin = +$25/mth or $100 one time
Upgrade to :- 512mb ram = +$5/mth or $50 one time
Upgrade to :- 40gb HDD = +$5/mth or $50 one time
Upgrade to :- 2IP addresses = +$2/mth

Special Bundle Upgrade :
CentOS4 w/Directadmin + 20GB + 160GB addon + 512mb RAM + 2IP at ( $150 one time )

However if you order a unit now, we will WAVIER the upgrade to 512mb for FREE!
Special Bundle Upgrade price for limited sets will be lowered to $100 one time!

Don't miss out on this extra value sale! Units are limited!

For further information or purchasing please contact me at [email protected] either via email, pm or MSN messenger