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    Windows VPS Memory and Loading, ASP.NET. Plesk, Etc???

    Looking to get some general sense of what we can expect out of a Windows VPS box running Pleask and its related services (email, ftp, dns).

    We are looking to move up from shared hosting to have more control and support full trust assemblies for our applications. Most of what we run are custom 1.1 and 2.0 applications that will connect to SQL Server running on a seperate box.

    Any general guidelines on how much memory would be needed to handle all this and how many seperate apps we might be able to support on say a VPS with 640MB of ram? Most of the apps are basic data entry and reporting systems, no large processing code.
    What about runnign SQL Express on the same VPS?

    Anyone have any experience with such a setup and if so what has been your experience.

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    quite a bit, and it also depends on how big your scripts are, and if they are well written

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