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    Has anybody thought about sharing a Dedicated Server?

    I think it's doable, it should be a win-win case both for Dedicated Server providers and their clients: The providers may sell more servers; the clients may get better ROI than buying sole dedicated servers or VPS servers. I believe at least some people may have this need. Any comments?

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    This service already exists. Do a search for "semi-dedicated".
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    In other words "VPS".

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    Sorry for my newbie's input, what I meant was the case that NO more than 3~4 people share a Dedicated Server without using Virtual OS. Any comments on "PRO vs CON"?

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    Pro: Users can access more resources than with a VPS

    Con: Users can hog resources, cause mayhem (mess with other users "stuff"), etc

    If it was 2 people sharing a single server and they trusted each other then I guess it might work, but it couldn't be offered as a service.
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    I don't think its would market well, dedicated server prices are very low right now, most shared hosting providers can give you what you need, if not you can alway go VPS, what would it matter if its using a software or not.

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    no you defintely couldnt sell that to the public for sure. And it even presents problems doing it with friends, etc;
    I have offered people to buy "shares" of my servers before. Like big resellers at little more then overall cost. Which isnt too bad if you are going to use the server for development purposes or whatever.

    I tried the 50/50 server split before with friends and it was a nightmare, the box ended up getting shut down because one of their customers and it overall will put stress on a friendship any business like that.

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    I see. Thanks!
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