New site just launched this week. PhotoHousing is a new image host that has a killer free image hosting plan, and the PhotoHousing Store allows you to sell any of your images.

The PhotoHousing Store works like this.
  • Photographer signs up for a free sellers account
  • Photographer uploads any photograph he/she holds the copyright to
  • Photographer assigns title, keywords and a description which customers can search for.
  • Photographer can link to only their images.
  • Photographer makes a sale. 20% comision is sent to Photo Housing. There are ways to lower the comision rate which can be found here
  • On the 15th of the following month, all revenue is paid minus any private gallery, and comision fees.
Its that simple. If you wish to view more FAQ about this service you can use the contact us form at the site, or PM us here. We also have a FAQ at the Photographer signup page.

Remember its free to sign up, low cost perfect soloution for those who dont want to or know how to host their own sites! We take care of everything and you have the ability for thousands of potential new clients to view your images each month!