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    Server help please.


    I need a new server company??
    I have a lot of problems going on, and I can't seem to figure out what to do... So please any reliable server companies, help me figure out a situation. I currently run <<removed url>>, my traffic is anywhere from 100,000 - 200,000 unique visitors per day generating over 500,000 pageviews per day. Right now I have one web server and one MySQL server with It seemed to be doing okay, but it's still way slower than it should be, and I seem to have a lot of issues, people always complaining about speed, etc... My MySQL server was down today, and I lost probably about 2 hours of downtime, and my server has been slow the entire day... I can't deal with this anymore. I also have two image servers with ( and, I seem to always have problems too, either the server is down at least once or twice a week, AT LEAST. And SPEED is always an issue. Nobodys techs seem to be able to figure out the issue, they can never get my servers working on a steady basis, and I just can't take it anymore. I either need somebody here to maybe overview all my servers and tell me whats wrong, maybe their datacenter is slow, maybe their techs dont know enough to handle a high traffic website. Keep in mind my site receives a lot of traffic, is 80% MySQL driven, I allow a lot of user image uploads which is why I have as a seperate image server, I need a reliable host who can keep this stuff steady, very fast, reliable, and always working. I believe all my servers are currently on 50megabit lines I think, if you know how I can find out, let me know, or I will ask my server guys and let anyone out there know who is willing to help me. If anyone out their could please help me, please don't hestitate to contact me. If worst case scenario is to switch to a reliable company, than let me know, I would rather speak over the phone if you have a serious solution so we can coordinate this and not lose any MySQL data, or try to prevent it at least.

    P.S. Currently for all four servers I am paying about $1448/mo.
    I would like good tech support who can always make sure my servers are well maintained, working, up to date, secured, etc...
    I like someone who is available on AIM often.
    I like someone who can respond to emails quickly or answer phone calls.

    Andrew Thompson

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    A multi-server configuration would be your best bet, and that can probably be completed almost as fast as setting up a higher end server. Seperating your processes handled by each server makes all the difference in performance.

    After that, the next phase would be a load balanced solution, which would have multple machines handling the same type of performance, as well as increase redundancy.

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    Try other management companys, also check your bandwidth usage to see if you actually require unmetered servers.

    For the uplink use mii-tool to see the speed.

    I was going to comment on one of the providers you mentioned but I will not, you are welcome to contact me and I will explain.

    Anyway from experience with them, here goes.

    Kill the email deamons(exim since they use cPanel), if you check the inboxes they will all be huge and processing consistantly. Atleast :fail:.

    Change the apache settings, they are often silly.

    Dump cPanel, no need for it.

    Combine multiple servers into single servers with more memory and a better cpu. Speading amoungst servers when it is most probably not needed does not help things.

    Get REAL admins who can handle large setups, is one. You may however prefer just to get a single admin, which you will be better sticking to webmaster forums rather than WHT for.

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    Would you be willing to give me a backlink if I help you? haha

    PM me or post with some more details about your setup and I'll see if I can offer any suggestions. I run a fairly large image hosting site and I can help you at least with the image hosting part which should alleviate some of the problems you're having...

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