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    Intermediate Programmer FOR HIRE

    Hello, my name is Rick Flowers and I'm seeking a new partner.
    I have had about a year off to study 3D, and now seeking a partner to help start a good team and speed up project development by 50%. I focus my skill in art direction, graphic design, 3d rendering, animation, and client relations. Further personal bio information, portfolio, and history will be shared on interview.

    Reading and writing simple PHP
    Communicating between PHP and mySQL, (XML is a plus),
    Reading, writing, and editing simple JavaScript,
    HTML (of course),
    A general-expert understanding of interactive media,
    Willing to learn more, and work 5-6 hours a day to FULL TIME,

    Contact me right away! No age requirement but a high school education is required. I will be immediately interested in having a brief down-to-earth interview with you.

    Full disclosure between us will be a normal between client contracts and 50% profit sharing. If work-load is not even per-project, you will program ahead of me on future projects. There's A LOT of work lined up already.
    This is going to be an incredibly successful and growing team, I already have a list of clients waiting for me to create high end websites.
    Feel free to check out just a few of my websites below. (Developed from 100% scratch) (2003) (2003) (2004) (2005) (2006) (2006)

    Feel free to call me straight up and chat, email, or ask for my IM handle.
    Email: Rick(at)
    Cell: (six-one-four) 325-4655

    Let's get busy!

    Rick Flowers
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    A suggestion, change your subject to something like: "Looking for programmer" not "programmer for hire" it sounds like we would find a programmer looking for work in this thread That's why I came in anyways
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    Good suggestion =) unfortunately since you replied I cannot make edits to the first post, on this forum. Thanks though
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    Well i keen to get busy with you so have just now put a mail to your id, please check and we can take it from there.
    Kind Regards
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