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Thread: Advice Needed

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    Advice Needed

    Firstly, I didn’t really know which forum this post would be more appropriate; please accept my apologies if I have chosen the wrong one.

    Anyways, I am writing for your help and advice regarding our company website.

    Quite a lot of the customers we have now have been gained by phone or email… Which leads me to think that people are “put off”, or get the wrong impression with our website. I would appreciate it if people would have a look at let me know their views.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Allow me to review your site:

    - First impression: your site looks nice, left coloumn colors are not bad.
    - Details: your visitor might not want to stay for long time on your site, especially on the homepage, you can start by adding your plans on the homepage, it helps attract your visitor to "dig" more.
    - Left column colors quite nice, but the layout is not attractive, you can play with those banners & their words more.
    - You see there's word "sample" on the left part, it's really breaking the 1st impression that you might use someone else's template.
    - Don't use too big fonts/letters, you seems just want to make your page full and "looks" done, while it's actually you can add some more information & make it done & better.
    - Overall your website -in my personal opinion- has to be tweaked more to make more attractive...the existing is so "static"

    I hope it helps
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    First impression, I don't like sites with a huge paragraph on the website. It's boring to read. I will recommend you to put a smaller text, and fill the space with offers or more information of the company.

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    a hover on your menu's would be nice ...
    a favicon ..
    your site seems okay for me ....

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    it's blocked on my library's internet filtering system. have you been a bad boy?

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    first, your site is not finished i thing.
    Second: it look like a template, and people are not impressed by templates.

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