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    Lightbulb Marijuana related content is legal?

    I have a client that's wanting to have a bunch of Ganja related information and pictures on his site. Just for the record, I have nothing against that at all. .

    However, what's the general consensus about hosting or not hosting this type of content? Do you allow it? I'm actually trying to locate general information such as actual U.S. laws regarding this type of thing, but I havent had any luck. Are there any specific laws that prohibit hosting content like this here in the states? It's important to point out that the client will NOT be selling anything illegal whatsoever, nor will he be linked to anyone that would be selling anything. Apparently, he just wants to have general information on the subject.

    I'm very interested to hear everyone's thought's on this.


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    It depends on the language and overall message. While I'm not an expert or lawyer, I have heard of several sites of similar nature getting shutdown. If you search on google, you should be able to see for yourself.

    That being said, no one can tell you for sure without actually seeing the content. If the client really is paying well, then it'd be best to consult an attorney.

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    Interesting. If his site will be educational oriented, then I'm sure there is no trouble at all. But I will suggest you to contact a lawyer.

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    Why do i think i know this customer of yours just cant point out his msn, lol anyway good luck just make sure it doesnt "show" how to smoke it.

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    From what I understand, as long as they aren't *selling* it, it isn't least here in the UK. Although to be sure, better to check than be sorry!
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    freedom of speech?

    From what I understand, as long as it's not talking about how to get it or anything like that, you should be fine. If he has a forum on the site, that could be a much larger concern.
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    While selling, growing, possessing, most paraphernalia, and using are definite law breakers, I don't know of any US laws prohibiting the discussion of marijuana. There may be some in some states. It's best to check yours.
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    It's definately legal in the UK, including the topic of how to grow the stuff. Obviously however, it isn't legal to sell it (although it's legal to describe how to purchase it, i.e. how to find dealers).

    Don't know much about US law, but if you find it's illegal and your customer is paying a pretty penny, host it in a country with more relaxed laws on freedom of speech. Jamaica comes to mind, lol.

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    you may want to caution him that his users (if he has a forum or something) should be carefull what they discuss (like where they get it, if they smoke it or such) so that the police don't subpoena you for the log files of the site...

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    Barnes and Nobles sells books on how to grow marijuana. I'm sure it's legal to have a general info site, much like

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    the government also figures that if it is free, more people will get to it

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