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    iptables - syn protection

    Hi. I am running a web server and a site that has 350+ visitors at any one time. I noticed some syn attacks today and I set a syn limiting rule with iptables, actually these:

    iptables -N syn-flood
    iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --syn -j syn-flood
    iptables -A syn-flood -m limit --limit 1/s --limit-burst 4 -j RETURN
    iptables -A syn-flood -j DROP

    However, that made loading the webpage VERY slow and almost impossible.

    Can someone help me with a set of rules that will not sacrifice apache performance?

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    I generally install APF and enable synflood protections to let it handle the IPTables rules for synflood protection. Works great for me.

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