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    Trouble transferring a domain.

    I registered the domain,, at a few month ago and they refuse to transfer the domain now that I am ready to change registrars. They have listed themselves as the administrator contact. registered the domain through

    What are my options to regain control of this domain? What is the easiest way? I contacted but they don't seem to want to get involved in the issue.


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    145 did that too me but within 1 week. I have no access. The only real way is to keep getting support tickets or phone/fax them! So far it has been slow for me Anyone else out there that can help out?

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    The admin contact is in complete control of domain transfers as you have seen. Since you are listed as the domain owner, Dotregister should be willing to help you get control of the domain back...

    Do you have proof that you purchased the domain?

    What are telling you? Why won't they change the admin contact of the domain to you?

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    Once again

    Don't go for free domains that you don't truly own.

    Always...always....always register the domain so that it is completely in your name and under your control.

    Over and over we encounter customers who find their domain was registered with someone else as either owner and/or administrator. In addition, we find customers who don't have the id and password to access their domain can't get it because their email address isn't the one attached.

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