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    Avoiding Down Time During Propagation

    If I have two hosts with the same site on them, same subdomains, same add on domains, is there a way to change the DNS and go from host to host and not have any down time?

    Also, do the Parked Domains and subdomains need to be added again? It's been a rough weekend for my web site. <g>

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Just do not cancell your account in your former host until you see that your domain is already propagated in your new one.

    If you do a restore of a full backup on Cpanel they should be added automatically.
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    Only annoying part about transferring is email & SQL databases during propagation. You'll see some email going to both servers during this time, same if you have heavy database action - busy forums, etc.

    If either of those are not an issue for you, then it will be nice and smooth. Give it some time before you cancel the old hosting acct.

    Maybe forward the DNS requests from your old server to the new, if the host will cooperate?
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    Thanks! It's strange in that I think I've put myself in "no man's land" for a bit. I unwisely pointed the DNS to A Small Orange. They had problems this weekend so I pointed it back to HostGator. Now they're probably both confused.

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    You can't really and completely avoid downtime when switching the domain name's
    DNS. But at least you can keep it to a minimum.

    Basically make sure the same settings are all configured both in your current and
    new host. Then switch when you feel the time's right.

    You can avoid downtime maybe in your area. But it might be down for others, and
    that's something you can't really control.

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    it seems on line ;)
    Your site might not be down but some (maybe many) of your scripts, mailing lists, etc, will not work unless you change "your_domain" parameter for you IP during the elapsed time for the DNS propagation.

    Email could be forwarded -or moved, to an external email address, too

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    If you have access to your DNS settings on the old host, just hotwire it to go to your new one. We do it all the time when moving sites between servers.

    Just change the IP's in your old DNS to point to the IP of the new server. Depending on the type of CP, should then restart Named (or whatever DNS server they use) and within a short time, traffic will flow to the new server seemlessly.

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