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Thread: Hostik Outage

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    Hostik Outage

    I have been using Hostik for approximately 3-4 years now and do not recall an outage ever lasting this long.

    I notied the problem yesterday - early Sunday morning - and it continued throughout the day.

    There was no way to contact them on Sunday and the voicemailbox was full.

    I've been calling since this morning, only to receive a message stating that they're experiencing an outage and they're working diligently with their partners on the matter. Then, it says "good-bye" and hangs up.

    All day Sunday there was no stutus reports or messages and throughout Monday, there is no way to contact anyone to find out what's going on.

    I've got all my ebay images hosted from my hostik account and I can't modify the ads once a bid has been placed.

    This is killing my ebay sales - not to mention the fact that all five of my web sites are down.

    What irks me the most is that there is virutually no communication and this outage is approaching 48 hours of downtime.

    It seems quite unprofessional that Hostik is not providing its customers with updates and I have no idea when this matter is going to be resolved.

    Does anyone here have any information on this outage?

    I can't take another 24 hours of not knowing what's going on.

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    Thread moved to Providers and Network Outages and Updates.

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    Does anyone have a phone number / contact for this company?

    (other than 877-652-6738 and 916-366-0170) - Those numbers are recordings that haven't changed all day and then hang up. I need to speak with a Live Person.

    This outage is approaching 48 hours and I have absolutely no communication.

    I need to call someone at Hostik - anyone.

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    Well, I can't give you much information about it, but we are in the same boat. We have 2 dedicated Servers hosted with them. Our Linux box was up all yesterday and partially this morning, while our Windows Server has been down since 5 AM yesterday morning. We host over 100 sites for customers on this summer and it is killing our business.

    The only other contact I have is [email protected] and [email protected] for their tech. support, but no one is responding (and their servers are offline as well), so I'm not sure how much help that will be.

    I just hope its up tomorrow or I will have to go down and get our server physically to move to a new hosting company.

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    I've tried those emails and they're bouncing.

    In addition, and are down.

    I'm wondering how these guys can hide like this without communicating with their customers.

    There's only one thing worse than incompetance and that's arrogance.

    I'm appalled that they're not telling us the status or keeping us informed.

    All day I've been calling Hostik only to hear the following:

    "We have an outage"

    "We're working diligently with out partners"

    "Thank you for your patience"


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    Well, looks like the servers are back up again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will stay up this time (as my Server was going up and down all Sunday).

    I will just keep my fingers crossed for now.

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    The servers are up and running again, however, I would like to keep this thread alive.

    The focus I have now is that I would like to contact and speak with Hostik Customer Service about this.

    For nearly 41 hours, the system was down. There was virtually no communication or status updates all day Sunday and I was very displeased that other than the brief voicemail on the phone, there were no status updates or reports.

    I do not beleive this is a way to communicate with customers and leave them hanging.

    Frankly, I find how they dealt with the matter quite unprofessional.

    I've experienced minor arroangance from tech representatives in the past, but I would to hear from someone at the top about how this was handled during the 41-hour outage.

    In addition, I would other hostik members to please follow-up on their experiences and share them here.

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    I actually got a live voice and a pseudo answer on Friday when I called Tech Support.

    The only thing they told me was that their is a lawsuit against the person or persons involved and that, as such, they can't disucss details of what happened.

    Whether or not this is true, or just a tactic to put us off I don't know. The truth for us is that we have had them for hosting for over 4 years and this is the first time we have had any issue that wasn't resolved within 20 minutes (and event those have only occurred maybe 3 - 4 times in the last 4 years).

    For the price we pay for our server, it sucks to have had the server down for so long, I agree, but unless we want to spend 2-3x the amount we are now for hosting, I feel we would be at just as much risk at any other company. The last company we were with had problems like this 2 - 3x in the 2 yeaars we were with them.

    That's just my .02, but I agree that they need to give us a better idea of what happened. From all the tracing I did, it looked to me like someone hacked one of the edge routers. But, as I say, that's just what it looked like to me from the outside.

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    I'm waiting to post the details of our recent nightmare with this company but to be blunt, leave them if you can. It's not worth trusting your data with a company like this.

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    We recently switched from these guys and it was an absolute horror story. Over the past two years, we have slowly increased to four dedicated servers with Hostik. Over that time, there have been three hardware issues that almost cost us all of our databases. Their e-mail service was so spotty that we had to completely drop them in March of this year find alternative hosting for our e-mail.

    We were victims of the previously cited network outage at the start of October as well. After that and the previously cited hard ware failures I realized that my living was too important to try and save a few bucks with an outfit like Hostik.

    But the nightmare starts AFTER the 40+ hour outage debacle...

    Friday, October 6th - We got our bill for the next month's worth of hosting. I got onto the chat and confirmed that we have one more month of service remaining. "Tim" confirmed that we had until November 6th on three of our servers and October 30th on the other. Without explicitly stating so, it was easy to figure out we were switching servers. I made it clear that a $200 refund for the outage could have saved a $18,000+/year customer.

    Saturday, October 7th @ 11:30 AM - We were billed for the next month of service that should have lasted through October.

    Saturday, October 7th @ 4:05 PM (right after they shut down for the weekend) - I got a call from one of my customers that our sites were down. There was no warning at all, the sites just went down within minutes of them closing for the weekend. I immediately began trying to call Hostik but couldn't get anybody on the main phone lines. I then began trying to call a number I had been given for after hours situations.

    Saturday October 7th @ 8 PM - Nobody would answer despite literally dozens of calls over three hours. I then had a friend attempt to call him and he picked up, he was ignoring my calls based on caller id. After they called I was able to contact him and the man started SCREAMING at me that I had somebody else try to call him. I told him it was because my suspicion was he was ignoring my calls, which was correct. He then said he was shutting us down for good for having a friend call on that number. We never got an explanation as to why our servers were cut off in the first place and there was no warning whatsoever. We do not run sites that are the slightest bit questionable in nature.

    Saturday October 7th 8PM to Monday 7 AM – They took all of our servers that had been paid for on Saturday offline. I called as soon as they opened on Monday to see what I could do about getting my data back from them but the person I spoke with said he couldn’t do anything.

    Monday October 9th, 11 AM – I called again and they refused to give me online access to my servers but would “sell” me my hard drives. I agreed to do that and have them overnighted to me. It took a week of working like hell to get our sites back up with a reputable web host.

    We were finally given a prorated refund for services they did not provide two weeks later.


    This is the most disgusting situation I’ve ever been though in business. I do not suggest that anybody trust their business with this outfit.

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