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Thread: VPS crashing

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    VPS crashing

    Is it normal for a VPS to crash when it gets too many people visiting at once?

    I have a vps for hosting my forum, but every day since the last 3 days I had to buy a support ticket so the host can 'restart' the vps service

    Also, I often get errors like "SQL Error : 1 Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_6d09_1.MYD' (Errcode: 17)"

    My host tells me to upgrade to a plan with more cpu and memory, but I always assumed a vps would just go slower, or give a message like :"Not enough memory to create new thread, please wait a while and try again"
    The upgraded plans do give more memory, but also come with stuff I really will never use. (E.g the next upgrade would be 15GB diskspace while I only need 800MB, 300GB datatransfer while I only need 100GB...)

    oh yes, I currently pay $89 a month for this vps
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    No disk space on /tmp?

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    make sure there is a /tmp partition too....

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    Most of the time it works, just sometimes it messes up (when there are more than 300 people on at the same time)

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    what kind of ram and processing power does your VPS have? it may be overloaded....

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    1 GB Burst ram, and 256 MB guaranteed.
    But could a overload really messing up a vps that much? (right now it even took ftp access with it's latest crash)

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    how many sites are on it?

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    Here is some RAM stats
    VPS 1 (CentOS 4.4 + Directadmin)
    total: 256 mb used: 170 mb free: 86 mb
    VPS 2 (CentOS 4.4 + Directadmin)
    total: 256 mb used: 173 mb free: 83 mb
    VPS 3 (CentOS 4.4 + Cpanel)
    total: 256 mb used: 356 mb free: -100 mb
    VPS 4 (CentOS 4.4 + Cpanel)
    total: 512 mb used: 395 mb free: 117 mb

    All VPS are running fine and the resources aren't completly allocated, when RAM is fully allocated and all VPS using guaranteed RAM, Cpanel VPS with 256M will experience a slow down or crash

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    If you use too much memory, it can crash. This is due to Linux overcommiting memory by default. What this means is that if an app requests for memory that's not available, then Linux will randomly choose a process to kill to fullfill that request. This is actually standard Linux behaviour believe it or not.

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    So the best solution would be to add more memory?

    I've ran out of support tickets with my current host (have to buy more) so i'm looking for a new vps
    I need at least 512 MB ram and burst of 2GB (seems 256MB ram with 1GB isn't enough for my forum)
    1.5 GB disk space
    and 100-150GB Monthly transfer

    looking in the price range arround $100 / month

    oh yes, I only have basic experience with linux, I know how to use ssh, how to read manuals, program, compile and install stuff, but thats about it
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    well has two plans u might be interested in (i am waiting for my paycheck to come in before i start my hosting with them.... i will write a review in a couple of weeks and then months after i get it about it though)

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    Thanks, the prices and what you get for it look great.
    A shame that when I clicked to get more info the whole domain went down...

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    i had wondered about that too... so i looked through the forum's annoucements and it said they were moving datacenters.... so i think that might be whats going on... because i found a thing here: reviewing them, and it had an uptime before the move statistic sheet saying their uptime was 100% before the move... sounds like maybe DNS propagation is taking awhile or maybe their new DNS servers need to be tweaked....

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