I have the following domains for sale.
All of them are high quality domains with great potential, i have spent many hours on finding them.
I am accepting serious offers to all of them, please PM your offers or write them here.
I will be away for 2 days and i will be back on Thursday, i promise to reply as soon as i get back.

buy2nd.com - second hand shop
buysellusd.com - money exchange
buyusd.com - money exchange
sellusd.com - money exchange
buywwws.com - domain shop
crackthevault.com - used to have PR1, it was a profitable e-gold game i made
datecount.com - counter
domainiz.com - domain shop
everywww.com - domain related site
freebb.us - free forum hosting, comes with sebflipper multiforums license
freebb.ws - included with the domain above
gifup.com - image hosting
hostutorials.com - web hosting tutorials
jack-up.com - i don't know...
jpgup.com - image hosting
kulg.com - 4 letters, over 450,000 results in google
localchief.com - don't know yet...
mondialtickets.com - GREAT potential to the next world cup!
mpegjpeg.com - conversion maybe, i don't know
oohh.net - cool domain, if you're quick i'll give you oohh.org as well
parkapic.com - image hosting
playshit.com - maybe flash arcade game or adult games
playusd.com - casino related
redpimps.com - pimp game
time4date.com - dating website
usausd.com - cool domain
usdshops.com - shops search
virusez.com - very nice domain!
win1st.com - lottery site maybe
worldcupdeal.com - special deals for the next world cup
worldcupseats.net - world cup tickets related site
worldcuptalks.com - world cup forums

I am looking for serious offers only.
Thank you!