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    [Hiring] Need a PHP "Game Picker" written


    I am looking to hire an experienced PHP programmer to write two things (that do relate to each other) for a Knicks basketball fan website I am currently developing.

    Game Picker
    Basically, this is a game that's integrated with the schedule/games system we already have set up that lets visitors predict certain things about upcoming games and earn points based on whether their selections were correct. They'd pick whether the game would be a win or a loss for the Knicks, the margin/spread of win or loss (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 20+), and the highest scoring player for the Knicks.
    When we post results for the games in our database, this system would read those results and generate things from them. For example, a visitor would log on and be presented with the next five upcoming games for the Knicks and it would let them pick either Win or Loss, the spread, and select a high scorer. After the game's results are posted on the site, the visitor would earn points for what he got correct (2 points for selecting the correct answer for win or loss... 5 points for selecting the right margin/spread, and 3 points for selecting the right high scorer).
    Then, different stats would be displayed, such as recent high scorers, your scores, etc.

    Login System
    We are currently running Invision Power Board and would like to integrate our member system with that. We'd like the programmer to create a login box for our website... if a user is not logged in, there's a place to (and also a link to Register). If a user is logged in, his avatar and various links (control panel, game picker, etc.) are shown, plus a "Log Out" link.
    I've tried using IPB SDK but for some reason am not having much luck with it. If you can use that system to build this from, that is fine.

    The Game Picker game will be centered around a visitor's username and information, of course... so naturally they must log in to participate.

    If you are interested, PM me (please do not e-mail or instant message me) with your name, previous work, and estimated quote. Include your contact information, including AIM or MSN handles... also, links to some past work or happy clients would be great.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Executive Director,

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