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    What will be the best dedicated server for me? :)

    Hi, I wil be using a dedicated server to host game servers, such as all Half-Life mods(counter-strike etc..). I'm just wondering what will be the best processor & the best connection (Backbone + switch connection) for hosting about 8xgame servers of 14slots each & do you have any website of dedicated server that you could suggest me, thank you very much for you're help.

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    200$ US maximum

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    Maybe this will help you:

    I believe their game servers are managed. You may email them though.
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    For $200 you can get a Dual Xeon or Dual Opteron that would be great for gaming. Typically gamers dont need very large hard drives, see if you can talk them into giving you some extra ram in exchange for a smaller hdd. Good luck!
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    :/ having difficulties to post my comment, it`s refusing it..

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    layered is good.

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    Hi, thank to you all for you`re post & suggestions but i`m confused between those two: which one should I get ? Please consider in you`re suggestion that I will be using the dedicated server for gameserver hosting.

    Intel Pentium D 930 - 2 x 3.0GHz Processors - 2 x 2MB Cache
    1GB ECC DDRII 667 Ram, 2000GB Bandwidth, Public and Private VLAN

    uplink port: 1000Mbps

    SoftLayer network
    SoftLayer is the first true on-demand hosting solution with public and private networks to ensure complete control over the outsourced environment. Comprised of two separate and distinct redundant network architectures, the SoftLayer network-within-the-network design delivers enterprise level hosting services while adding complete management and flexibility to the outsourced environment.
    Public Network
    Private Network Network Diagram
    Network Diagram pdf

    SoftLayer Bandwidth Providers:

    virtual datacenter
    SoftLayer is focused on delivering virtual datacenter services to our customers via remote management tools incorporated into the customer management portal and available over
    the SSL VPN gateway to the private service network. SoftLayer engineers act as virtual onsite technicians to facilitate enterprise quality hosting services. Through the use of IPMI 2.0 server technologies, remote management software, out-of-band management, automated OS reloads, and other proprietary SoftLayer methodologies; SoftLayer brings
    the datacenter and hosting environments to the virtual realm - giving customers complete control over the outsourced environment



    2GB Ram
    160GB SATA Hard Drive
    xCommand Control Panel
    CentOS 4.x
    ÎPS: 16 (13 Usable)
    Tier1 Bandwith: 1500GB
    Uplink port: 100Mbps Uplink

    The DataBank network: AS13767
    Our network architecture utilizes Foundry and Cisco carrier class routing and switching equipment to provide a Highly Redundant and Highly Available Multi-Homed Internet Aggregation Hub. We utilize Foundry RX16 and Cisco 6500 series switches and routers in our network to provide up to 3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity. This coupled with multiple Gigabit trunks from multiple Internet service providers makes DataBank’s IP Hub one of the most robust in the industry. Network features include:
    3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity designed for the needs of Enterprise and carrier-class customers
    Multiple Gigabit Ethernet backbone trunks
    Core network is designed for “zero” packet loss
    Multi-Homed Internet Providers
    LXG BGP4 Blend Of Internet Service Providers
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Savvis AS3561
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Sprint AS1239
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Time Warner AS4323
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Broadwing AS16852
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Level 3 AS3356

    First offer is a
    Second is a :

    Suggestions & Comments please

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    For game servers go to, we host our CAL CSS & BF2 & CS servers on our Steadfast dedicated server. Runs amazing, the network steadfast has is by far the best I've ever used especially for gaming
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