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    Help with email on W2K3 appreciated.

    Hi everyone,

    I am after a little help with this one. I run a specialist app on a w2K3 machine. I have a reporting tool that alerts me to application failure. It sends an email to my account that then sends an sms messege to me alerting me of the failure.

    So, I have a W2K3 machine setup, service packed and hardened. However how do I set up mail on the machine so that it will only send email from itself (ie deny relays) and only to my email address.

    The machine doesn't have a domain name or anything (not needed. Id be happy to jsut get an email from [email protected] or whatever)

    Any help appreciated

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    Are you atleast at the point where you can telnet to the SMTP server and issue a HELO exchange?

    Are you able to issue a HELO exchange from that box to other mail servers leveraging telnet?

    Usually you simply require SMTP authentication to avoid having an open relaying server.

    I am assuming you are using the built in SMTP service?

    What version of Windows Standard/Enterprise are you running?

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    If you are using the smtp connector in IIS, you can limit access to it by IP, so that only the local server has access to it.
    It is in the properties of the conenctor, in the security tab, I think.

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    You can setup the SMTP under IIS and allow to listen and rely from your own IP address only.

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