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    MCIT-Network Appraisal

    Domain Appraisal:;;;

    MCIT-Network is a Business owned by TurnKey I.T Solutions, TurnKey I.T Solutions is a Web Design & Graphic Design company in the South West of England and has over 2 years Web Design experience.

    TurnKey I.T Solutions joined with another company in August 2006 and created MCIT-Network, However the other company left at the end of September 2006 leaving all customers behind.

    [MCIT-Network now has over 30 Shared & Reseller Hosting Customers & Rents 1 Dedicated Server to house these Customers on.

    MCIT-Network is constantly expanding we now offer 24/7 Support & Have hired a dedicated support Team to answer all enquiries and support request.

    TurnKey I.T Solutions owns approximately 15 Domains & approximately 5 .com Domains

    MCIT-Network & TurnKey I.T Solutions wish to sell shares in our Business and would like an appraisal to realize what the Business is worth & Have a possible view of selling.
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    Begin first by appraising the value of your company!The benefits of owning the trademark is far more valuable than just owning the domain.

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    Hey, Thanks for the advise, But how much would you say the business is worth at the moment?

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    Your quite welcome!! That i don't know! You should check with the person who does your books.

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    If anyone has any suggestions for how much MCIT-Network might be worth please let me know.
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    A companies value is based on assets and liabilities.There is no way to no the worth straight off hand,but the domain names could be worth $100-$200 a piece.

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