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    different ip to different server


    anyone has a script that can detect an ip, it looks like google if people from malaysia type it will auto go to that are on malaysia server or people from singapore type it goes to
    so it will make the site better and faster for local client or international

    if anyone has it please do share with me =)

    thank you in advance

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    You can easily find which IP block belongs which country. In recent days, I saw them in a website. You can use google to find them. A simple PHP script will be enough for you.

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    can you please give me the keyword for google or maybe can give me the site that offer that script because its been quite a long time i searched and cant find one.
    thank you

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    Geo IP location. I'm not sure if the mapping database is free though, usually you have to pay for that.

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    There are DNS tools that can do this... I forget the name of the one I was told about, but it's a very handy tool...

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