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    How "much" server do I need?

    I currently keep all of my websites on a couple reseller accounts, but I need to move one of them to it's own dedicated server in order to handle the traffic growth.

    I don't know how powerful of a server I need, so any help would be appreciated. Here are the "requirements":

    1. Currently 5,000-20,000 uniques per day, but I would need room for growth and for traffic spikes.
    2. Simple PHP/MySQL system to store and retrieve entries. Max of 5-8 mySQL queries per page. All pages are build with mysql, php variables, and php includes.

    How powerful of a processor and how much memory would I need to handle this type of activity without any slowness (assuming infinite bandwith).

    Sempron 3000+ / 512MB?
    Athlon64 3500+ / 1024MB?
    2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / 1024MB?
    Or More?


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    If your sites can handle it, you may want to consider a web farm scenario. You can get smaller servers and then add more as required. It would also give you an amount of redundancy in case of failures.

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    The 5-8 mysql queries -- are they producing any noticeable load? any problems with slow queries? With decent optimization / caching, you may not need as powerful machine as it first appears. But its all a function of the type of queries and whether you are at 5000 or 20000 uniques (that's a big range).

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