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    What system shudl I use and does anyone know any good offers?

    I am not sure what to do, I wanted to start a site similar to photobucket. It pretty much is an image hosting site but offers them albums and flash things to put their pictures in their myspace, hi5 etc. What does everyone think is better for me to do?

    1) Upload all content to one server and when that server gets full or has a lot of bandwidth get server #2 and upload all new content to that one until its full or has a lot of bandwidthm then uplaod all content to server #3 and so on.

    2) Balance share loading. I do not understand really 100% how it works or would work. Does all content go onto one server and other servers helo push traffic out of does content get spread out throgu hall servers and then they help each other push it out?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

    Also, I need a company that has full support and would be looking for unmetered servers, unless you think unmetered servers will not be best in this situtation. S if anyone has any recommendations for companies that would be good.
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    When you fill the first server up you definetly want to balance the images somehow.

    The uploaded images will probably get the most of their hits in the first month or two, so if you put all new images on one server and keep old images on another, you will get a high load on the new server and an ever decreasing load on the old server.

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    That is true, I didnt think about that. Does anyone else have any advice or know of some god companies or deals?

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    oops.... I meant good, obviousvly.

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