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    VideoSearchScript - a clone - Automatically updates!


    VideoSearchScript is a content indexing script inspired by It uses RSS feeds to index content (wether it be videos, games, images, etc - it's completely up to you!). The script includes a clean layout which is very easy to customize with little or no PHP experience. It uses a PHP/MySQL backbone. Although designed to update every hour, you can have the script update at any custom interval! We recently were selling this script (without the users system, new administrative features, comments sytem, history system, or favorites system) for $100/licence! With the new release of version 1.1, we are pricing this script at only $59.95! If you'd like copyright removal and installation, the price is only $99.95!


    Purchase Information:

    Please note, licence includes:

    - VideoSearchScript 1.1
    - One-domain, lifetime licence
    - 1 year free updates
    - Unlimited tech support

    Recieve copyright removal and installation for $40 more! That's a deal!

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at [email protected].


    Jason B.

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    Are you the same person that tries to sell here: ?

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    I was just saw it for sale on dnforum by someone else using a different URL...

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    Yeah, I sold the rights yesterday, got an offer I couldn't refuse.

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