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    * looking for strong dedicated that allows IRCd in AUP.

    I'm looking for a new dedicated server. I used to be with ev1 (had a 1.3 Celeron, 1Tb band, 80Gb with Ensim unlimited, ~$100 a month maybe a bit more) and they were pretty decent, but now i'm looking for a stronger package.

    Stupidly went with webhostplus, found out they were cowboys, and LUCKILY got my money back (i think they're involved in some sort of lawsuit action at the moment). Next went with - very good BUT they have a no-IRCD policy in their AUP, which is one of my requirements. I'm hoping that somebody here might be able to point me in the correct direction.

    I am looking for:
    a P4 2.8Ghz proc, running Linux (Fedora/CentOS/Gentoo preferably), 1-1.5Tb bandwidth a month, 60Gb+ harddisk, running cPanel/WHM (not bothered bout fantastico) with minimum of 3 IPs (2 for box + nameserver and a spare).
    I want to pay around $100 a month, which is what I'm paying at the moment.
    it needs to be a dedicated serv, and allow an IRCd to be run in its AUP (d/w, its anti-piracy, anti-pornography and only caters for 100 regular chatters + some people looking for hosting support - not all IRC is bad!).

    Can anyone recommend anybody to me, either in this post or by PM?

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    Staminus could do that for you, and they have excellect protection.

    Gigeservers too.

    ServerTweak. (I have had nothing but amazing service from them.)


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    If you're looking for a P4 2.8 GHz that not only allows IRC, but also has DDoS filtering.. then I think your budget ($100) is kinda low and possibly nobody can offer it at such low price. On the other side, if you want no filtering and want to run a single IRCd (not linked anywhere), then there are plenty of hosting companies that might be able to match your budget.

    If you could define what are your needs on filtering and/or if your IRCd will be linked anywhere, it would be more useful for people to give their recommendations.

    Good luck.
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    I'm only looking to run one ircd process as a hub, not link it anywhere. it is a quiet, private network just for discussion (mainly of hobbyists). If that helps. ddos filtering isn't required, as we're so small and tucked away.
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    Requirement you have are normal but bugdet is not close to someone would be willing to provide.

    You want P4 2.8 with IRC allowed + Cpanel for $100 I dont think anyone around could be able to provide.

    But you can open up your options by getting a Non-IRC dedicated and get IRCD from some shell provider. ( There are plenty)
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    Because it will be so difficult to find a company offering those specifications AND allowing IRC, I might also suggest doing what tshah said in regard to purchasing an IRCd shell. What's really throwing it off is the cPanel, since that takes at least $25 on the budget.

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    That is a good point.
    Make it $100 without the cpanel, im sure i can stretch to that afterwards.

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