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    I would like to share my experience with for everyones' benefit.

    here it goes..

    I was having problems with one of my servers, I am not NOOB admin but I was helpless and desperate that I wanted this problem solved, I pay no problem.

    A week ago, I started having high server load due to high CPU usage by MySQL database. I did all that is possible to tune the servers but still no use, I have upgraded the kernel. but still its really not normal and not logical at all.

    the server have few sites and one major site that is running vbulletin forums.

    I emailed few companies but non wanted to do it, others where very very expensive. they will charge me per hour even if the problem was not solved. I was not ready for something like this. because I know that this problem will take some time.

    seeksadmins came to the rescue.. very nice and friendly welcome, in no time we where together on MSN. I read about them from a post here in WHT

    Tris and Matt I had a chance to work with them both.

    they quoted me a very low price that I did not believe at the begining. they will also not make you pay unless your problem is solved which was what I wanted.

    Gave them access to the server and they started looking into the issue immediatly.

    the load was 50+ they managed to bring it down to 5+ after that the server was at least some how accessible.

    They did many tweaks to MySQL and Apache. they also installed eAccelerator.

    still the load goes up sometimes to 10+ and again down +5

    unfortuanly, the problem remains Tris was constantly monitoring the server that night for more that 4 hours.

    after that his shift ended and Matt came, did his magic brought the server load down a little more but the problem was not solved, something was there.

    MySQL server processes where using alot of CPU and not much info from "mysqladmin processlist" not many apache process too.

    after two days, I asked them nicely if there is anything else they can do, they said we did all what we can. and gave me the expert advise.

    they told me, I should have a dedicated MySQL server that will release the load from this server, they also mentioned that the problem is most likely to be from misconfigure PHP script.

    after that it came to my mind that a week ago I upgraded vb to 3.6. and I know from experience that vb hacks creating lots of problems many times.

    so I desided to disable Plugins/hooks of that vb forum.

    That was it!!! the load went down to 0.15!!!!

    yes it was only a bad incompatible hack that was installed on the new version.

    I would definitly use these guys for any further unresolved issues I will have. and I strongly recommend them to any one. they are very honest and straight to the point.

    PS: they did not take money from me because the problem was not fixed even though I offered to pay them for their time and efforts. they deserve it. instead they asked me to post my experience and this is the least I can do for them.

    thanks seeksadmins and all.

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    That takes a lot character to do something like that.. I agree, I may look into their services.
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    Thanks for the reccomendation it does man a lot to us. Its nice to know your are happy even though we did not fix the problem.

    Dynu: My policy (and I guess as the owner what i say goes ) is that if its not fixed you dont pay, I mean if you want to force money down my throat I wont argue but there is no obligation. If you have any questions just give me a PM or contact our salse department. Always happy to help Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    Thanks for the kind words, it is a downfall of many companies that you have to pay for something that might not actually get fixed, in this case the server wasn't running the way it should have been and was still loading a fair amount, so he didn't pay. Simple.

    Thanks for the review!

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    Looks like you got into the right hand

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    great story... I'll surely look into their service

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    Thanks for the help and quick response, true to their word.

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