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    Outgoing Mail

    I am just curious on the best way to get this to work.

    My host seems to disallow connections through port 25 and 587 which makes sending mail impossible.

    I am trying to send mail through outlook but I can't get it to work, I have to use the webmail feature which is very problematic and slow.

    Can anyone advise how I can get outgoing mail to work with my SMTP server?

    I have tried the exact same config on a different and it worked perfectly, just not on this connection.

    Any advise how I can solve this?

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    Why don't you use your ISP SMTP servers to send out mail? Many of our customers do the same exact thing with no problems what so ever. Just change the outgoing SMTP server information to your ISP (if your isp requires auth w/ the smtp server, outlook has a section where you provide that info).


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    Well, Seems to be your ISP is blocking your mailserverIP. Confirm this start > run > telnet 25. I think you won't get any positive response. this makesure that your ISP is blocking , so the only possibilities is you need to contact your ISP or using ISP outgoing mailserver address.

    NOTE: Most of the ISP used to block this port by keeping in mind of spammers.
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    Try the method suggested by stevewest15.

    Using your ISP's SMTP server would still work, in fact, it is better as it gives you the best sending speed as well as not overloading your own webserver

    Thank you!
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