I'm offering textlink ads on my webmaster network - a service that provides free forum and blog hosting.


phpBB service: http://www.forwardwebmaster.com/stats/phpbb-sep06.jpg
Invision Board service: http://www.forwardwebmaster.com/stat...sion-sep06.jpg
Blog service: http://www.forwardwebmaster.com/stats/blog-sep06.jpg
Main site: http://www.forwardwebmaster.com/stats/site-sep06.jpg

We only started tracking statistics from September 22, although the service has been running longer than that.

Links will be placed at the top of all forums and blogs

Example phpBB forum: http://test.messageboarder.com
Example Invision Board: http://invision.eadf.com/test
Example Blog: http://blog.eadf.com/test

Your ad will also be placed on the main site at http://www.forwardwebmaster.com


$25/3 months

Other Info

The link is just a simple textlink - no tracking, no description etc. There are no guarantees associated with the purchase. Textlinks can be maximum 40 characters long.

There is absolutely no rotation on any of our textlinks! There are maximum ten textlinks available!

No adult or illegal sites are permitted.

Please contact me via email pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com or via PM. Please include the title of the link and where you want it to link to (eg. Link: google.com, Title: Google).

Payment is via Paypal.