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    Dvd/cd Burner Problem

    Hi peeps....

    I did a reboot about oh a good 2-3 months or so ago now and my burner was working fine....ive reinstalled all the software that was on my computer before (my master cd does this auto for me)...

    and today when I try and burn a disk it doesnt seem tow ork. I get this message every time:


    no matter if I cut and paste it onto the disk or copy... (I use the XP burner e.g. open up the cd from the my comptuer and copy all the stuff I would like onto the disk, been doing it that way for years.)

    I thought it might be drivers but going onto the packard bell website it says there are no new drivers available for my dvd burner... I have a LITE-ON DVD SOHD-16P9S.

    If anyone could help that would be great....I kinda need a burner for my uni work so any help would be great. (want to avoid buying a new burner if I can).

    What ever the problem is, my laptop burner has the same problem.....

    I was wondering... could it be the cds? the type of cds I mean as IM trying to burn on DVD + R?

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    Are they DVD burners? I read this and I'm wondering if it actually burn DVDs at all:

    I visited a couple of sites and I don't see "burner" on any of them. Have you burned DVDs with this in the past?
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