Hey WHT!

With the launch of FlameShells' new website we're bringing a plethora of awesome specials and new prices!

All shell accounts can be ordered on www.flameshells.com/shells.php

Shell Accounts
3 processes for $2/m
6 processes for $4/m
8 processes for $5/m
10 processes for $6/m

All IRCd accounts can be ordered on www.flameshells.com/ircds.php

128 clients for $8/m
256 clients for $14/m
512 clients for $20/m
1024 clients for $30/m

Please feel free to reply to this thread with any inquiries you may have. You may also email me directly for support at [email protected].

[email protected]--------------------------------


Q: Can I run IRC bouncers/eggdrops?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Are there bandwidth limits on the IRCd shells?
A: Nope! You're only limited by the maximum number of connections.

Q: How do I get my own personal virtual host (ie: myname.mydomain.com)?
A: Private virtual hosts are $1/m and may be purchased by emailing [email protected]. Public virtual hosts (hosts that anyone can/would use) are free and can be requested by emailing [email protected] as well.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We currently only accept PayPal through our online order form. If you'd like to pay via E-Gold, please email [email protected] after filling out the order form and we will send you a payment link. We are unable to accept personal checks at this time.