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    remote console access: ipmi2, kvmoip

    i'm in the market for a linux dedicated server and need console access prior to booting the OS. I understand this can be done with kvmoip or IPMI2.0 or a dell card (DRAC). Which server provider would be best for this need? Full time access is not required, just for emergencies and initial setup.

    i've never used one of these remote administration devices before. How is the performance and security? Are they all usable? Is one prefered over the others?

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    I know The Planet has Drac on some of their server....I think they're gonna be going to IPMI though.

    my Total Control server has a Drac on it.

    Not really sure about security...I can only access my Drac by logging into orbit (TP's Support panel) and accessing it that way.

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