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Thread: Softlayer IRC?

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    Softlayer IRC?

    Hey guys does anyone here run IRC related materials, shells accounts, and similar on softlayer servers? Or know anyone who does? I emailed them asking about the ddos protection and what really is considered public and private networks. I know some company's call any irc server that is accessible by the public as public. And then some just call big servers like dalnet, efnet, etc; as public.
    One of my customers showed me a person who sold shell accounts on softlayer servers but I had never heard of them.
    I currently have one server up and waiting on another to get ready from my current datacenter but one of my old servers just ran out so I need to put it on somewhere fast.

    here is the email they sent me back but what Im worried about is if I or one of my customers received a halfway hefty ddos or frequent they would suspend it. I also seen something with that insurance they sell mentioning that. Im also worried about what they would consider public or private. Not sure, someone please give me your opinion.

    Hello, Jon! Thanks for your interest. I will be happy to answer your

    Tipping Point is the device we use for both IPS and DDoS mitigation. It
    is a piece of hardware located at the top of our network architecture
    just beneath the border routers. Tipping Point blocks malicious and
    unwanted traffic, while allowing valid traffic to pass unimpeded. The
    DDoS Protection side utilizes a hybrid approach with a combination of
    anomaly filters, SYN proxy, rate shaping, and statistical techniques to
    protect against DoS and DDoS attacks. It is a complimentary service to
    customers who get the occasional DDoS attack. So as long as it is not a
    frequent occurrence and they are small in nature, you should be just

    This is taken directly from our Acceptable Use Policy: "SoftLayer
    allows the use of private internet relay chat servers for communication
    among private parties. SoftLayer absolutely prohibits the use of IRC
    servers connected to public IRC networks or servers. IRC servers that
    result in interference of service, malicious network activity or
    increased demand on network security services are in direct violation of
    the acceptable use policy." As long as you abide by that you should be
    just fine.

    I would like to take the opportunity to inform you of our current
    specials. On all of our AMD Opteron and Dual Opteron servers you can
    get a free extra GB of RAM. Here is a link: Please let us know if
    you have further questions!

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    Usually by "public networks" they mean any sizable network. If you've got a couple hundred people and don't cause problems for other SL customers I doubt it's going to be an issue.

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    The majority of datacenters will toss you if you frequently attract DDOS attacks. That's just protecting their network.

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    i would imagine 'public' means those connected to servers prone to attacks such as EFNet, DALNet, etc, whereas private would be smaller servers not connected to any major ones, i.e: for your hosting customers to get support.

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