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    For Sale: CALHOST COMMUNICATIONS (hardware = debt-free)

    CalHost Communications is a debt-free dedicated server company. We own all of our own machines and are completely debt-fee (no lease payments) and we are ready to sell. Selling because it is trying to grow and I cannot keep up with it. It needs muscle and better support behind it.

    COST: $50,000 (negotiable)

    What you would get with the sale:
    - (45) 1U 19"D servers (some built, some still in boxes ready to build)
    ... Servers range from Intel Celeron 2.0, C2.4, P4 2.4, Xeon 3.07 and Dual Xeons...
    - (35) 1U SuperMicro 250w 15"D server chassis
    - The domain name (CALHOST.COM/ORG and MYCALHOST.COM/NET/ORG)
    - A solid network and established reputation
    - A second-to-none uptime record (100% uptime since April 2005 (ref my signature below))
    - Currently hosted at HeraklesData in Sacramento with a half-rack waiting at O1 Communications for expansion.
    - We have a Cisco 3640 router with 3 fastE WIC cards
    - (2) 48port switches
    - We have KVM/IP device shared amongst clients with 50 KVM/IP cables
    - Currently Using NOCManager which integrates ModernBilll, MRTG, Kayako HelpDesk for clients
    Many many extras included and we will assist with shipping if required.

    Only one caveat: we are down to 3 customers and a TON of colo leads we cannot fill because of space limitations.

    For those seriously interested, please email [email protected] and I will converse with you via email at first and progress from there. I'll also subscribe to this thread to reply if you have additional questions.

    Couple items I'd like to bring up-
    My first inclination is to sell the company as a whole but if you just want the harwdare, that'd be fine and we can adjust the purchase price accordingly. Just be specific on your intentions.

    Thanks and I look forward to those interested.

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    Adam Lawson - AQORN
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    And the revenue information?

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    so you have 3 clients renting how many servers for how much ?

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    very interested, please forward me any info (see profile for appropriate contact methods)

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    Cal host is up for sale

    I always though you guys looked and had so much more bigger, but only 3 customers. Why are you guys selling out now you guys were great..

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    I think the 3 customers he is mentioning are waiting for service that he has yet to fulfill.

    They have more than 3 customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuwebfacil
    And the revenue information?

    We really ARE down to 3 customers.
    1 pays $250/month (1 server)
    1 pays $160/month (1 server)
    and 1 pays about $400/month (2 servers)

    We used to have many more but I was hospitalized for 4 months and that about killed things for the most part. Right now, support tick count = 0 tickets per month. No one needs any help except to reboot their box and that's done by email 24/7. Email goes through, sent directly to the NOC and the task is completed with 3 minutes. We have 2 48port remote reboot devices but we never really got them configured. That's a bonus if you want to integrate remote reboots.

    We're probably down to only 3 because I have not posted a sale or advertised anything for almost a year but it's weird people still know about us and email us anyway so I figured why bother. But when we DO advertise, it's really hard to keep up with demand.

    So when it really comes down to it, you're actually buying an trustworthy and respectable brand name, domain, a 100% uptime record of over 3 years (monitored for 1.5 years) and all the hardware you need to make the company flourish the way it was built to operate.
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    Adam Lawson - AQORN
    OpenStack Professional Services. Commercial Support. Open-Source Cloud Management
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    Our Clients: AT&T | Cisco | Juniper | SAP | Autodesk | SUSE | Ubuntu

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    What is causing the space limitations?

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    I'm sorry to hear your selling Adam. I really loved your company and I always thought you guys would survive longer then most companies here (because of the way you guys handled us *clients* ) I wish you good luck and sorry to hear about the hospitalization.

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