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    Have a network of PR 5 and PR4 sites - 30-50K+ monthly hits - close to 1000 monthly hits and constantly growing - 100% custom coded from scratch. New design would go with it.

    Makes great google adsense money.

    Make your offer. Please dont ask what we want we will not be interested. PM or post your price.

    We really would like to drop these projects as we are swamped with other projects :-)
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    Are you selling those sites? if so this should be posted in other offers and requests forum.
    How much revenue is the proxy site making?

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    I would like to make sure that you are wanting to sell the sites and not sell ads on the sites. Could you verify that?

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    These SITES are for sell. Not ad spots. - How big is your box?

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    If I did post in the wrong area can some one move it?

    Last check from proxysystems last month was $432. - How big is your box?

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