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    Since last monday I have a VPS (Mercury PVLD in UK) with them and I am really happy with it. First I asked some question via online chat and I think Ross was helping me. He really took his time to answer all my questions and I got a good feeling with SolarVPS. After a couple of days I ordered the VPS with them (that was last sunday) and on monday morning everything was up and running.
    I have a ping to my VPS of around 20-25ms and I live in The Netherlands. The maximum download speed from my ISP is around 600kb/s and I can also download from my VPS with this speed, although I don't really know what the maximum speed is of the VPS as it is my maximum.
    In the last week I needed to contact support twice. First I couldn't enter my DirectAdmin control panel anymore, and they solved the issue in less than 50 minutes! However, I think that the problem was caused by the firewall which I enabled and blocked the DA port. The second time I needed support was to ask whether it was neccessary to install a antivirus on my VPS (which program, how to install it etc). They replied that they already run antivirus scans from the node. So I think that is perfect.

    As you have read in this review, although it is based only on 6 days, I am really happy with SolarVPS and I would really recommend them to everyone.

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    I'm actually getting ready to write a 1 year review. I've been happy with their service.

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