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    Bulk email hosting..anyone one here offer this?

    Ok, I have never sent out any emails to my client list before but I am making some major changes that I need to notify my clients about and I need to email them all. The problem is due to years of business I have over 53k clients in our database and I need to email them all.

    My current host is hostgator and they only allow 200 emails per hour...That would put me getting done with this mailing when I am 90 so I need to find a host that will allow me to email all my clients in a day or time frame. Anyone know of a reasonable host that I can do this with. I really do not want to sign up on a bulletproof hosting plan because I just need to send one or two of these emails.

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    You might look into a paid service like - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    You could rent out a VPS for this... Something cheap since it's only going to be used for emails...

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