Im looking for to obtain 2 dedicated servers (possibly more in the future)

The Spec doesnt matter. (as long as its pentinum III or higher and has 256ram or more)
I dont want/need a control panel or any other frills.
I require no management.

the two things i must have are:

network uptime: must be stable must be 24/7/365
bandwidth: i want at least 10mb avaible at all time. I am happy to pay by the Gb for bandwidith as long as the pipe is providing at least 10mb

I have considered colo, i only have tower cases to hand so colo will be expensive. (i live in the uk)

What i want is a box with a solid network connection.

My last requirement is the crunch point.

Each server must cost no more than $60/€45 a month. excluding bandwidth usage

Feel free to tell me this isnt possible at this price.