LocalMirror is Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider offering high bandwidth HTTP static content (as well as audio/video) distribution using globally distributed cache edge nodes for the best speed, reliability and low latency.

LocalMirror's standard Content Delivery Network cluster with cache edge nodes located in:

New Jersey/NY


Special includes:
75,000 GB of bandwidth (outgoing).
FTP or HTTP managed service.
30GB storage space.
Fully managed.
Full FTP access.
24/7 support.
Full raw log file access.
Full web statistics.
Full burst to 500Mbps anytime.
Extra bandwidth overage fees apply.

This special is perfect for HTTP and FTP content delivery using our CDN Technology (CDN benefits).

More info about our technology.

LocalMirror web site.

We will also accept on-demand Windows Media Service streaming service for this plan.

Offer valid until October 15, 2006.