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    Opinion on Cisco Products

    I'd like to hear from those in the industry that have had extensive experience with Cisco products (routers & switches). What is your opinion of Cisco products?

    Personally, we've used them for years without any problems at all. Recently, someone has said that we're one of the few who haven't had problems and that there are reliability issues with Cisco products. Everyone I know who uses Cisco is overall happy. Obviously, there are superior products out there, like Juniper, etc. - but is Cisco plagued with problems, as I've been told??

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    I love cisco and only cisco at the switch/distribution layer. Very reliable. But for routers that need to go over multiple links at above DS3 speeds, I'd go juniper. We switched to juniper early this year for our routing edge and have been very pleased. The main reason is the performance over cisco for high volume traffic. But even the cisco routers we still have in place (mainly for aggredgating ds1 links for point to point clients) are pretty rock solid. The only problem I've ever seen first hand (and mainly what I read about) is in the routers for cisco that have low 'true real world' packets per second throughput and can't handle today's usage levels and denial of service attack levels which a juniper can chew right through without so much as a blip. But at the switch level, I dont think there is anyone else but cisco I would ever consider.
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    We have our core network constructed on redundant pairs of Cisco switches and routers - all very good stuff. It must be said that you need to watch which particular equipment you buy - those that purchased 72xx series found that the realistic throughput was very different to the offical Cisco spec!

    65xx series are popular for serious reliability these days - can either have two SUP blades in one, or have two chassis, one SUP in each.. (preferred IMHO)

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    Ciscos are notoriously under CPUed. (Particularly software based models AKA 7200s and lower)
    They also have known issues with Stateless traffic (UDP, ICMP, Syn flooding.. etc)
    They are very reliably in general and very good gear. There is also a LOT of great documentation out there on using them.

    We use Cisco in the core, Switches and Disro routers. But its hard to beat Juniper for high throughput/High PPS situations like uplink/edge routers. They also handle attacks (In general) a lot better.

    I hesitate to say Juniper is a "Superior" product. It is differant. Their architecture is differant and does things in a differant way. Many people find that this meets there needs better than cisco gear, many prefer Cisco.
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    To compare Cisco and Juniper, Cisco is definatelly much better. There is known power supply issues on Juniper products. I have used Cisco as my backbone and distribution switches, works exelent, especially the new SUP for the 65x series.

    My only bad experience was with old 7200, where it could not handle a DS3.

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