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    Hi everyone, sorry for the newbie ish first post but we are currently having nightmares with our hosts (suprise suprise i know i have read about them on the forums) basically our server has yet again gone down with yet another hard drive issue this time it has gone in to read only mode as follows:

    [email protected] [~]# touch test
    touch: cannot touch `test`: Read-only file system
    [email protected] [~]#

    Support after 48 hours have done basically nothing and dispite 3 trouble tickets and several emails nothing so it's time to move (been thinking about it seriously for some time anyway) the trouble is as with most of these such posts $$$

    Ok we currently have a P4 2.8 machine with 1Gig ram, 100Mbps port 1000Gb Bandwidth 120Gig HDD & Cpanel for $129 but looking around this does not look possible to match, i've been looking at both and dedicatedplace but once i configure the server specs i end up at around $170 which is not so great but my problem is this:

    A: are either any good and actually offer a reliable service (unlike webhostplus)
    B: do either offer any decent deals to bring down the price to something closer to the $129 we currently pay.
    C: is there anyway to get our MySql database's and files off our old server which the hard drive is in read only mode?

    Any help would be much appreciated guys. Thanks.

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    The 'read-only' file system is normally triggered when you do too many 'hard' reboots.

    DedicatedPlace is actually a reseller of LayeredTech. If you don't need a managed server then I suggest that you go with LayeredTech.

    LayeredTech's network is awesome and they now have modified their reboot policies to actually first logging into the host via console and using "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" to reboot instead of doing a 'hard reboot'.

    I think you can WHM's transfer site utility to transfer your sites.

    Good Luck,

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    Apologies for the double reply. I accidently hit back and I thought it was EDIT (silly me).

    This LT special may be of an interest to you..

    Intel P4 2.8Ghz
    1024MB RAM
    160GB Hard Drive
    1500GB BW
    8 IP’s

    $85/month | $19 Set Up

    Server Event #5


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    wow thank Mini, the strange thing was when looking at or dedicatedplace and pricing up a server is more expensive without being managed than the managed option from

    Is there no way i can switch my previous servers drive from read only or is that a job for webhostplus non existant support that after 48hours still have not maged to do it or respond?

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    An OS reload would be the best option, but seeing WHP isn't doing about about it, you can try 'mount -w -o remount /' or you can try and rsync your data to your new server (not sure if that'll work).


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    Always check the LT forums, Announcements section for the latest deals.

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    msxboxade, indeed is funny how come the resellers are cheaper than the DataCenter itself. They have some discounts different per sales volume so they are interested to sell more and more while trying to keep some profit margins to them.

    Here you have another guy wanting to buy a LayeredTech server from resellers, I hope he will post some infos but you can try to PM him just in case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mini
    LayeredTech's network is awesome .....
    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 300, Received = 262, Lost = 38 (12% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 42ms, Maximum = 102ms, Average = 64ms

    5 days worth of tech support tickets and no resolution. I just keep getting emails like this:


    We have received your request, and I am forwarding this to our Network Administrators for assistance.

    Please allow 24-72 hours for a reply from our Network Team.



    We have opened a ticket with our upstream provider(s), we will update you as soon as we get reply from them.

    I have had another server with them for almost a year with no issues after the initial setup pains. But the new server has been a very poor experience. With LT when things work they work GREAT but when they don't work it is hard to get anything resolved. They are an unmanaged provider but even the things they should support such as the network they do very poorly. Also remember they do not give refunds no matter what. Even if they give you a server that performs poor and is nearly unusable you just have to cancel the server but you will not get back that month’s server fees or setup fees.

    Even with all the issues I would still recommend you give them a try. Overall you are far more likely to have a good experience with LT than a bad one.

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    We would also recommend Layered Tech ping to one of our LT nodes can be seen below. I do have to agree with movie though regarding support, it can be either hit or miss with LT. Its eather a fast 10-15 min response or a 12-24hr+ response.

    Pinging []:

    Ping #1: Got reply from in 38ms [TTL=51]
    Ping #2: Got reply from in 35ms [TTL=51]
    Ping #3: Got reply from in 36ms [TTL=51]
    Ping #4: Got reply from in 36ms [TTL=51]

    Variation: 2.6ms (+/- 7%)

    Shortest Time: 35ms
    Average: 36ms
    Longest Time: 38ms

    Done pinging!
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    well i thought i would give them a go guys, thanks for all your help now my troubles continue though as they want a scan of my CC and as i don't have a scanner i don't know how i'm going to manage and i still have the issue with Web Host Plus (now after 3 days) still not responding or doing anything to fix our current server which i need to get the databases and site off.

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    You can either call them or fax them too so that your server will be processed asap.

    LT will only setup the server once all payment is cleared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by movieflick
    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 300, Received = 262, Lost = 38 (12% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 42ms, Maximum = 102ms, Average = 64ms

    5 days worth of tech support tickets and no resolution. I just keep getting emails like this:
    movieflick, did you send them the complete tracert paths along with the info you posted?

    layered tech forwarded my 50% packet loss issue up the ladder, and they responded promptly, logged into my server to look it over... but i'm not getting any answers to the tough questions.


    | WinMTR statistics |

    | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


    | - 0 | 300 | 300 | 46 | 283 | 62406 | 47 |

    | - 1 | 300 | 299 | 46 | 66 | 2375 | 94 |

    | - 0 | 300 | 300 | 46 | 70 | 2265 | 47 |

    | - 0 | 300 | 300 | 46 | 70 | 2156 | 47 |

    | - 49 | 298 | 154 | 46 | 53 | 156 | 47 |

    | - 48 | 298 | 155 | 46 | 57 | 141 | 62 |


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