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    [WANTED] Custom Web Designer


    I am seeking to hire a designer as soon as possible to complete a project for me. To make it easier I have listed all the details at

    If you are interested (serious offers only please) please PM me with your portfolio.

    I have never had to get a designer before, but if i give the go ahead, id like you to send me some ideas, like a mock up of your design ideas for my site.

    Thanks very much


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    PM sent...

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    Thank you to those who contacted me so far. Any more offers? People in the UK/US/CA/AU prefered.

    Some questions that where asked.

    I'll be paying via paypal and no i dont need a whole site re designed its just 2 template pages and then 1 content page.

    I am open to quote offers etc but really its not a project that should cost too much.


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