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    Exclamation Stay-Away From cuSell "True PayPal" Clone and Kirby Manuel

    On 09/15/2006 I ordered Payment Processing Website Script called cuSell from Mr. Manuel. The original cost was $1,715.00 however since he is almost done with the new version of the same script he gave me a special discounted price of $600.00 with the option that I need to send him a Western Union Payment in right the way. I did deal with this person once before and because is that I trusted him with my money. Same night I went to Waukegan's, Il Belvidere Greenbay Currency Exchange, and transferred him $600.00. MTCN #208-169-0655 is the tracking number. At that time I did not have the Hosting for my Website so I told Mr. Manuel that I need few more days to find a right Hosting Plan and as soon as I get it I will send him my Server information so that he can upload the Script as he said he will do it for free. Once I got the Hosting Mr. Manuel did not upload the Script in right the way, because he said, I never received your e-mail with your FTP Server Information, so I send again and waited for few more days when he did upload the Script, however it was not working at all. Mr. Manuel told me that my newly purchased Hosting does not have the proper Apache and that if I want to script to run I need to upgrade to newer version, which I did same moment. Since that time Mr. Manuel did not answer any of my e-mail's, or any of the phone calls. I tried to fix the problem of the script myself, however the entire Script was encoded so it was no use. Since he did not contact me I went on Google and tried to find any information on cuSell Script. I found several Complaints with very much same situation as mine, where people purchased same Script, from same Kirby Manuel and as soon as he received the money, he simply placed his "customers" on ignore list. And also I found out, that he was not an original code writer of cuSell. The code was taken from previously made Scripts such as SolarPay, FirmPay and DeskPay which he combined and encoded so that nobody can see what is behind.
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    Issue resolved, closed by request.
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    Thumbs up Update


    If you read my previously posted thread you will see that I had an issue with cuSell and Kirby Manuel. Kirby contacted me yesterday and what he had to say was very sad. What happened it was that he did not answer because of terrible Natural Disaster that left 76 Dead and 69 Missing in Manila, Philippines. Typhoon Xangsane roared across Manila and nearby provinces on Luzon Island Thursday. I did confirm this online and I saw it on Television as well. It was a bad, a very bad timing between all this and now it's all corrected. I got my money back and he let me keep the script too, after I told him about this post. This is telling you that even after all he was a bigger man and I was the one left in shame.

    Today I also found out that story about him not coding the script was untrue as well, the information on another site that I previously found was written by the guy who tried to scam Kirby.

    Please do not let my previous post concern you in any way; Kirby will give you his full assistance unless he is banned by something like the above-mentioned Typhoon.

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    I would never buy one of those Paypal clones. I think it'd be best to get one made by a professional coder. It wouldn't be cheap.
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