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    Arrow Anyone had tried Westhost ?

    Im loking for a vps . after searshing i found this company it seem to have good offers . especially the prices .
    But im still dontknow if i will buy from them or not .
    Onyone has tired theme ?
    thanks for your replies

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    their vps isn't real root access
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    You can find more info @

    Quote Originally Posted by westhost
    What our Virtual Private Servers give you:
    - Your own isolated and secure environment
    - Full control of the web server configuration (Apache)
    - Full control over PHP, mod_perl, and other server-side technologies and modules
    - Full control of the e-mail server (Sendmail) configuration.
    - Full control of MySQL configuration
    - Ability to install your own applications (want the newest version of PHP, MySQL, etc., install it). Don't know how, ask and we'll do it for you.
    - Your own users, processes, and files
    - Your own IP address
    - All at an extremely low cost

    What makes our Virtual Private Servers a little different from some others:
    - Full root access is not available, but a majority of the files within a VPS are accessible to the user. Permissions on some root owned files can be changed on an case by case basis. We retain a level of administration so that server management isn't required. For those that want the benefits above, but still like to know that we will make security patches and software updates, and like the auto-installed applications and features, this configuration is great.

    - Although we don't guarantee CPU and RAM on our $3.95 VPS plan, we do manage our resources effectively and provide a high quality of availability and service. At that price, you simply couldn't get any reasonable percentage of the server guaranteed, so it makes more sense to manage usage rather than restrict, allowing utilization as needed.

    The bottom line is that you are getting a tremendous amount of control, access, and a completely different platform than you'd see with a traditional shared hosting account, yet at the same time, our pricing and value kills that of other virtual private server technologies offering a lot of the same services. Combine that with our 24/7 in-house support, reliability, and coming up on 9 years of business experience and stability, and you have virtual private server hosting that may not be common, but it certainly meets and exceeds the needs of most. Our recommendation is to try it out, as we have 30-day money back guarantee.

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    They pretty much just set you up in a jailed environment but without root access. I've seen this discussed numerous times and it is fairly misleading.
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    A VPS that comes with a "maximum number of domains" and a choice of Apache, Apache or Apache as your web server seems like it combines the worst features of shared hosting and virtual hosting.

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    Yeah, I looked at their so called $3.95/mo "VPS Plans" and it isn't legit. It appears to be jailed SSH access on a shared hosting environment for the most part, and when they made a comment, they made it sound like they were hosting the accounts on a VPS.
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    I've been using Westhost for almost 1.5 years

    While I haven't used the $3.95 VPS plan, I have found WH to be reliable, tech support second-to-none, and fairly simple to use.

    I am not an employee of the company, and I do have some concerns with them (such as why they don't offer ColdFusion support).

    I have been reading about media temple as a possible migration .. but for the time being, I'm happy with Westhost and would recommend them to anyone. I currently host 10 different domains (and subdomains) with them and have never had sites become unexpectedly unavailable (unless you count the time I forgot to pay the DNS bill at another company)... As my domains come up for renewal, I migrate the DNS hosting over to WH as well.

    Hope this helps.

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