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    cPanel clients for sale - Looking for a reputable company


    I'm selling some cPanel clients that don't want to move to the H-Sphere platform. These are clients who are used to excellent, quick and efficient support (tickets and email).

    There's no set number of clients for sale yet, as that information is still being collected. However, these are established clients that have been with us for a number of months. I am willing to share information of clients via private contact methods. They all pay monthly (we do not accept quarterly/semi annual/annual contracts). All pay via Paypal and 2Checkout.

    What I'm looking for in a company who's interested :

    - Reputation
    - Firm dedication to support
    - Reliable
    - Keep current prices and guarantee there will be no changes to features and monthly rate plans unless requested by the client

    These are FIRM guidelines. I will not sell these clients if you do not meet them.

    What this sale does NOT include :

    Domain Name of said company

    This sale is for the clients only.

    This thread is basically to request those interested in buying very good and low support cPanel clients to contact me via PM ONLY. I will give you an email address to contact in a private message.

    That's about it. If anyone has any questions that can be answered PUBLICALLY, feel free to post them and I'll reply with the info in this thread.
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    What platform are they on?

    What control panel?

    What are the total space and bandwidth usuage?
    What are the plan breakdown?

    I think those are questions that can be answered publically.

    This one may or may not:
    How much are you making?

    I'm very interested so please PM me.

    Also, what billing software are you using (useful information to see the buyer can import the clients into a new billing system)

    Why are you selling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volt.Networks
    What platform are they on?

    What control panel?
    He said cPanel

    Quote Originally Posted by Volt.Networks
    Why are you selling?
    it seems he's switching to H-Sphere
    Traditional music traveling

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    can you post the plans the clients are on since you wish that it stay the same - also the # of clients on each plan

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    woops, didn't see the cpanel part.... lol

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    It would really help you provide details such as:

    1. How many clients?
    2. How long they have been with you?
    3. What packages are they on?
    4. How much diskspace/bandwidth do they use?
    5. What type of sites?
    6. Billing/payment cycles? i.e. monthly/annually?
    6. What price you are looking for including a Buy It Now option?

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    UK, US or international clients?
    and paying £ or $ or ?

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    Can't reveal packages publically, as it will easily reveal the company name. Not many companies have these types of packages available.

    For other questions :

    Most clients are in the U.S/Canada some are in the U.K.. Right now, I'm still compiling information on who's staying on H-Sphere and who wants to keep cPanel.

    They all pay in U.S. dollars (monthly).

    These are all resellers. From the list I have, none really use support whatsoever except if they have an occasional service issue.

    Most have been with me between 4 and 12 months. There are exceptions (some only a month or signups).

    If there's anything I'm missing, please feel free to PM me. I can also PM package details to hosts who I'm interested in selling to. It's a busy time right now, so PM replies will be delayed. I'm also trying to collect as much information as possible in order to complete this move. But as you all know...some users do take their sweet time

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    What do you use for billing?
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    Can you contact me on the details below


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