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    Question mosso - is it worth it with racksapce infrasturcture?

    I have searched the forum for Some are saying they are good on rackspace zero downtime network, others have negative experiences with them with some downtimes...

    I am thinking to try out their package (100/month), with the option for clients to call the technical support for additional $3/month, any advice from anyone? - Let's host your pixels to the world.

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    Hmm, I've never heard of them but if they are on rackspace that is impressive.
    Like passive recurring revenue you can retire on?
    You focus on building your brand, we handle all support, billing, and more. - Start your own Managed WordPress Hosting Company

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    Mosso is ideally suited for web designers. They are not quite suitable for the normal reseller offerings. Infact, the last I checked, they still do not offer private nameservers.

    There is a very long thread on Mosso and the associated reviews in the managed hosting section. Have a look, the information you are looking for might be there.

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    Thanks for the replies. I really apprecaite that.

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    I have now been with them for a while and the uptime has been fantastic. I know they had some issues early on, but since they did their last upgrade, things have been very very smooth. I love it. For me, much better than dedicated server and plesk.

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    froggerd, do u mind share a few sites that you have with them? Wanted to see how they perform, especially if they are database related applications/sites.

    thanks for your help.

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    i do not have any super heavy traffic sites with big DBs. If you want my basic sites let me know.

    A poster in the forums got slashdotted and mosso handled it perfectly. the site he listed was

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